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Services and Pricelist

Barber Pro

Haircut - 45min


Haircut is performed with scissors and clippers/only scissors.
Includes a hair wash and styling using a professional cosmetic product.

Clipper Cut - 30min


Haircut is being carried out only with hair clippers .  Fade not included in the service. hair wash and as well as styling using professional cosmetic products.

Beard design (Trimmer + Shaver + Razor) - 30min


Beard shape modelling , cheeks and neck contours creating by trimmer and razor wet sahve .

Beard design (Trimmer + Razor + Hot Towel) - 45min


Beard modelling with clippers/scissors, streaming by  hot towel, creating contours with shavette razor with desposable razor blades.

Traditional wet shaving "Royal Shave" - 60min


Traditional face shaving. Face streaming with hot towels and oils, shaving foam made in the traditional way.

Beard tinting - 30min


To book a service, first select the service.

Complex Service (Haircut + Beard Design) - 75min


Haircut with scissors/clipper cut + bread design with trimmer and razor wet shave.

Gift card

€50 / €100

The gift card acts as a one-time means of payment. If the value of the goods and services is less than value of the gift card, the difference is not refundable in cash.

Facial wax


facial waxing system specifically designed for men .

Our Advantages

Berber ClubGentsmode

Our mission is to deliver a high-end service and the convenience that every gentleman deserves, that’s why we choose the name Gentsmode.

Gentsmode refers to everything related in the gentleman’s style which we believe starts with a unique hair style tailored for each individual and customized by our professional barbers.

Simply put gentsmode barber club gather all gentlemen that have the same interests of looking great in everything they do.